Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's been a while since I last posted. Since then, Mike and I celebrated our 10th 
anniversary. He surprised me with a great gift. An acquaintance has his anniversary 
the day after ours and he told Mike that it was his 16th anniversary and the gift 
for that particular yr is porcelain. He joked about getting his wife a toilet. Mike 
looked up the appropriate gift for 10 yrs and found that it is aluminum. He was 
telling me this the night before our anniversary and told me he was getting me a 
roll of aluminum foil. Ha Ha! Well the next day, I walked into the family room and 
there was a bag on the chair. In that bag was an iPad! The body of an iPad is 
recycled ALUMINUM! Is he clever or what!
In regards to the adoption:
We finished our adoption education courses. The day before Mother's Day, we had 
just returned home from the grocery store and checked the mailbox. There was a 
large envelope containing my apostilled birth certificates from Michigan. The next 
day, I picked up our medical exam papers and all is well there.  Last Wednesday, 
our FBI clearance arrived. I'm so glad that we did't have to wait the 9 wks we 
were told it would probably take.  We have our final home study meeting this 
Friday.  We have almost all of our paperwork. Yes!!!