Friday, July 16, 2010

Mural sketch

Here is the picture of the very rough draft sketch (in ink) that my brother is creating for our future daughter's bedroom. It will be done in pastels on a very pale green wall (a spring green). There is still more that he is going to do to it. He's going to add some stuff along the stem and incorporate a butterfly somewhere.

Another step closer

It's been a long while since I've posted anything. We picked up our finalized home study month ago Tuesday and sent it to USCIS the very next day. It took a week for it to get to Texas. We received our I-797C on the 1st. We just got our biometrics appointments today. We go 8/6 for that. I hate that we have to wait 3 weeks to get that done, but we have no control over that. This weekend I'm going to go over my dossier checklist again and make sure everything is in order so far.

We ordered the furniture for our future daughter's room and we've already picked out the bedding and the paint color. My youngest brother is going to paint a mural for us. He stopped by with a preliminary ink drawing (the final mural will be in pastels). It looks great so far. I took a picture and I will post it once I've uploaded it to the pc.

A bad storm is moving in right now, so I am going to sign off and shut the computer down.