Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our dr's visit

We went for our medical exam last Friday. There was a little bit of confusion when we got there. I had called the day before to make our appointment and as they always do, they ask what insurance you have. We had a little bit of a problem because we have different insurance from the last time we were there and Mike's account was frozen because he hadn't been to the dr for over a year. They had to send a request to unfreeze his account to the central office uptown and then they couldn't find our insurance in their computer. We eventually got the ins. thing figured out and the lady (lady C) on the phone told me that she would put me down for 2pm the next day and once they unfroze Mike's account, then she would put him down for 2:15. I was instructed to call her back in 2 hours if I didn't hear from her. Well, she called about 1.5 yrs later and left a message on voice mail saying that Mike's account was unfrozen and that my appointment was at 4pm and his was at 4:15 pm. I just figured that during that hour and half that someone else had been scheduled in the 2:15 slot and she just shifted both of our appointment so that they would be at the same time. Well, when we got there the next afternoon, the receptionist said that our appointment had been at 2 pm. UGH!  I told her that yes, it was suppose to be at 2 pm originally, but Lady C left a msg saying that it was a 4pm. At that point, Lady C came over and declared that she had said 2pm and continued to argue with me about it. So, I whipped out my...cell phone and listened to the msg (all the while thinking, "crap, did I hear it wrong?!?!). I was right, she said 4pm and I told her such. Lady C then said that she wanted to hear the msg and so I obliged her by putting it on speaker phone.  lol. She conceded and they were able to fit us in. Unfortunately it was so late that we had to come back Monday morning so they could do the blood work. It wasn't that big of a deal since we had to go back in for them to check the TB test. We are consumption free! It was a little rough, since our dr decided to do all of regular physical blood work at the same time and we had to fast for our cholesterol test. We are still waiting for the blood test results, but we should have them by the end of the week.

One more thing to check off the list and one small step closer to our goal!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My First Blog Ever

This is new to me. I've never blogged before and I have a feeling that I will be quite slack with my postings. However, I'm going to give this a try.

My husband and I have known for a long time that our journey to having a family would be through adoption, though we had no idea it would be via Poland. We originally planned on adopting from Korea. We had been informed that we could request a girl because of Mike's Korean heritage. When Mike called the agency in January, he was told that Korea no longer allowed even those of Korean heritage to make requests regarding gender unless they already had boys in the family. We have had our hearts set on adopting a little girl first, so we had some thinking to do. After a lot of talking, we decided that we still wanted to adopt a girl first. So we looked into domestic adoption, but we decided that international adoption was best for us.  We had no clue that there was a Polish adoption program here in the U.S.. One day, before Mike had even called about the Korean adoption, I was doing a an international adoption search online. At the top of the page in bold letters was 'Poland'. I didn't think much of it until we started to reconsider our adoption options, but it was there in the back of my mind. So after deciding to look at other countries, I googled Polish adoptions and found that we could adopt from there. I got a little excited. My paternal grandfather was born in Poland and we have very dear friends who live in Poland (they have become part of our family). We have visited them twice in Poznan. I told Mike about the Polish program and we started looking into it. We found a couple of agencies that handle Polish adoptions (and thank you to the people from the Polish Adoption Forum for their help and input). The agency we decided to go with is conveniently located here in Charlotte.

We are quite excited and nervous. We had our first home study interview yesterday. To be honest, I was a wreck up until our social worker arrived and we started. It was quite painless, actually. For the most part she just clarified some of our information, asked some questions to expand on the answers in our paperwork, and discussed more of the adoption process (including answering some of our questions). She was at our home for about 2.5 hrs. And she included our "2nd" interview (the individual interviews) while she was there. So, we only have one more to go for our home study.

Now we need to finish gathering the rest of our info and documents for the home study and dossier. If Mike and I can get on the ball, we could probably have it all done in a couple of weeks. Though a couple of things are out of our hands. We are still waiting for my apostilled birth certificates to come back from Michigan and we are waiting for our fingerprints to come back from the FBI. I would be great if we could have all our other stuff done by the time my birth certificates and our fingerprints arrive in the mail.